Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

Kunci chord kord lirik Gitar -Rain Rain Go away ( Bobby Vinton) lagu barat lama enak

Ini lagu romantis jaman dulu banget
saya sering nyanyikan lagu ini sejak 1987, saat di Malang
sampai saat ini masih saya nyanyikan.
Menurut saya sih simpel tapi enak
apalagi untuk belajar gitar

I can still remember
When you moved in next door
I brought you some choc'late
From the corner candy store
When it started raining
You started crying too
That was the first time
I sang this song to you

Rain rain go away
Come again some other day
Rain rain go away
Bring my love a sunny day

We grow up together
And as the years went by
Ev'rybody knew that we were
Sweethearts you and I
Through many april showers
I held your hand in mine
Between the raindrops
We sang time after time   chorus : Rain rain go away . . . .

I went away to college
You said you'd wait for me
Then I got your letter
Asking me to set you free
Tomorrow you'll be maried
There's nothing I can do
But wish you sunshine
Now and your whole life through  chorus : Rain rain go away . . .

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